Friday, July 13, 2007

What do you do to get out?

Kind of a silly question, isn't it? Mom's need breaks too though.

Most of the week...actually, all week...I've been home with the kids. Tonight was my night to meet with some mom's from our play group for coffee. I was SO looking forward to it. Not the coffee part, necessarily, but the getting out and talking-and-having-adult-conversation part. I literally had to run out the door to the car. And then Anthony chased me, stopped at the car and tried to yank the door open. Then he chased me out into the street, and ran down the street after me screaming and crying. I could hear Anneliese at the end of the block screaming too. *sigh* Apparently it wasn't much different after I left either.

So here's the thing...I had a great time. The kids are not angel's with me all the time. They scream, cry, throw fits, do naughty things, are disobedient. I still nurse, cook, clean, change diapers, do most of the things I did while Kevin was gone....and now I stay home all week because of the one car issue. I think a break is needed. Especially if I have to continue doing these things as I need to do, and WANT to do. So shouldn't I not feel so bad when they do the same things for Kevin that they do for me all week long for the couple of hours that I am gone? Yeah, I think so...But for some silly reason he thinks that they are supposed to be angel-children while I'm gone:)

I suppose this is all still new to him. I mean he sort of did just get thrown into fatherhood overnight. With two difficult, strong-willed children.

Anyway....what do you do for a few hours to treat yourself? I'm looking for new things. (That perhaps keep my children from chasing me down the street!)


jen Lang said...

This sounds all too familiar! I've had children run down the street or lay at the door screaming until they fall into fits of hyperventilating and finally fitful sleep (but are still at the door when I return). You just have to go anyway! Your state of mind and well being require it! Some good things to do are; sit by the ocean and read/draw/think/be thankful, have a yummy dessert, make the phone calls you've been putting off, go to the book store, play Bunco, just drive, go try on clothes (you do not have to buy them), ..........good luck!

Susan said...

I feel for you. We go through that, too. It won't hurt the kids or your husband, though. You HAVE to get out. It gets easier with time, honest.