Saturday, July 14, 2007 quiet!

The kids are in bed. Kevin is playing his PS3. I just finished watering the lawn with my new 99 cent sprinkler (something that actually WORKS from the dollar store!), and then I didn't know what to do. Umm, dishes....Naw! Draw...too tired. Clean the house for the guests tomorrow....ugh....not right now. (But I promise to in the morning!) I was wandering around the house turning in circles. Literally. I bet that looked funny. Kevin seemed concerned when he asked if something was wrong. "No....I just don't know what to do...." I still don't know what to do.

Anyway....I was trying to add pictures to the blog all day yesterday and the stupid thing
wouldn't let me do it. I was going to share with you all the Donuts that we made the other day from store bought biscuits. My mom used to make them for us, and my kids thought it was just so cool that we could have donuts during the week. Donuts are usually, if we get them, a Saturday or Sunday morning treat. Anyway....I think that it will work now. The pictures speak for themselves, but if you want details you can ask! They are super easy, and really yummy.
We ate them all in about 3 minutes. Probably not too good for the cholesterol, but sure do taste good.
So this morning I was trying to vacuum. Anneliese can be found by the trail of cheerios an
d raisins that are found around the house. Anyway...I was starting to get really peeved because the vacuum was sucking everything up ....and then SPITTING it out again! Grr! I'm sure it was hilarious to see me shaking the hose all over the place and yelling at the dumb thing. So I got our trusty tool, the un-bent wire hanger! It seems the vacuum was constipated. Had we known that that would happen...we probably would have refrained from feeding it Frito's....and cheerios and raisins.

And now that you've been disgusted by fatty donuts, and constipated vacuums....I think I'll head to bed! G'night:)

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