Saturday, July 21, 2007

Minor freakout feast.

You know how you agree to an event, (baby shower), where you are expected to show up with gifts (for the four moms having babies) and food, (enough to feed 23 people now on the guest list), and then you look at the bank account that reads -$4...? Does that ever happen to you? So I'll be ignoring the gift list, (I don't know what gift I'm being assigned to buy anyway...), and be giving away some of the already made crafts I have here. Isn't it good I'm creative!

I try not to bring up our woes too much. I know that can really start to annoy. Even more so, I try not to make too big of a deal out of it to my husband, ("We have food honey....and we have a credit card for gas!"). And to my kids as we see the neighbors having a yard sale with the whole of Toys 'r Us on display on the lawn. (Thank you very much, you people!) So I'm freaking out here, because I can :) It's healthy for me to get out my frustrations, right.

Yesterday I put some stuff up on Craig's list, and hopefully someone will be coming by shortly with $ in hand for Anneliese's old ExcerSaucer. (There will be your gas money, honey.)
Things could always be worse, I tell myself. And, thankfully, God always seems to provide for the absolute necessities.
I've been trying to focus on other things. My art/crafts. Ugh. Not so good. I look at other peoples things and they are so much better. Or they produce more. (You try using your sewing machine with your 18 month old on your lap. Not so easy!) They have more experience, their stuff is cuter. There will always be someone better, more talented, etc. I'm still trying to be unique. That is the key, I'm finding. Be unique and people will be interested. That's sometimes harder than it sounds. You come up with an idea, whip out some of it, and discover that someone else already came up with that idea and is making their million off it. Nice.

I'm a work in progress.
Life is a work in progress.

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