Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is this ok????

It's so hot in here that the cake was melting as I was making it.....It's for the baby shower tomorrow. I hope it's ok! Maybe I should put more flowers on to hide the melting frosting?! Oh goodness.

I give up.

Hopefully it won't be a complete mess when it arrives.


The cake didn't melt, and was a big hit. A woman even approached me about making a cake for her husbands birthday party on Saturday!

And my gift recipient loved her gifts!



Jen Lang said...

It's pretty. Sorry it's hot and melty. I hope the shower was/is fun. I know it was a source of stress for you.

Susan said...

It's really pretty. I'm sure it'll be fine, hon.

Claire said...

it beautiful! Be proud of yourself!