Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Painting and other observing

I'm definitely rusty, but it's still been enjoyable.

I finally went outside to water my plants and noticed that my tomato plant is flowering! We'll have tomatoes...yummy.

My little Mermaid jumped into the pool earlier before we could even get her changed. She loves the water. After we got her changed she was in her element.

Kevin's stuff finally came from TMO. It only took 2 months. He set up his new tv. 42 inches of wowness. It's huge. My TV is very sad looking next to it, but it has served us well and will now take up residence in the bedroom. The only downside to the bigger TV we're going to have even more children here watching movies and wanting to eat. Anthony had some friends over the other day, and they said they were hungry so I got everyone a snack. Next thing I know, Kevin is telling me not to feed them because then they'll come back! As funny as that sounds it's probably true. And every time one of the little boys comes over he's always telling me he's hungry and thirsty. TV and snacks always go hand in hand, so we're going to have to limit the TV viewing to 30 minutes and then go outside and play!
Speaking of you have one of those neighborhood kids that makes himself to home in your house? Ends up rummaging through you refrigerator and going in to your bedroom? Yes, we have one. I think there's only one way to get them to go home....."GO HOME! Your mom is calling you!"

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