Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Saturday.

It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday here in Southern California.

We've started our day with French toast, sausage and coffee, served in bed. What could be better than that.

Little Missy helped me take some pictures and arrange things so I could display them in the shop. She's always about helping me. And causing trouble. I found her a few minutes ago at the kitchen table painting one of my works in progress with my coffee. It has a lovely coffee patina to it now. That one will be adorning my wall. I can't see selling it's sugary, coffee stickiness to one of you lovely people. I have heard, though, that you can use coffee as a dye. I'll have to try that sometime. It seems to have worked quite well with the painting she was helping me with this morning.

Anyway. We have all sorts of cleaning on the schedule for today. Hoping to get that taken care of fairly quickly so that we can make another visit to the beach!

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