Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fridays activities.

I haven't done anything interesting since Friday. Yesterday I had my wisdoms removed and I'm still keeping the couch company so I'll share some of activities from Friday. Pictures included.

Anneliese rarely eats anything. We've found a couple of things that she likes a lot, but most of the time she spits those out too. We decided to BBQ some chicken...and too our amazement....she climbed up on the table and helped herself. We let her be.

I made some bread. I was craving making some fresh bread. It turned out really yummy. We ate half the first loaf before dinner even got started.
One of the neighbors invited us to the pool, but it was Kevin's day with the car. So she brought over her kiddie pool so the kids could play.
It attracted some of the other neighborhood kids.
I finished up this Teddy Bear for an order. I have to say....I wanted to keep it for myself. It was really cute and soft. I might just have to make myself one!
In a couple of days when I don't feel so much like a train ran over my head I'll show you some other things I've worked on. Till then, take care.

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ma said...

oooh i like the bear!