Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's new with you?

It's been a few days since I've visited with you all. I've been occupied with things around here.

Yesterday I went thrift shopping and found some really great stuff. I found this great vintage table cloth that I'll turn into a quilt for Anneliese. It's white with this rose pattern around the edges and down the middle. I found this old First Aid Kit tin box for $2 that still has the instruction manual in it. It's this really cute green color. I've always wanted a cape, (I know, very weird), and I found one in perfect condition from the 50's. It's this brick red color with a red rabbit fur collar-- $5. The up side to buying vintage things ,(aside from the cuteness of it all and the quality), is that if you are ever really tight for money you just go down town to the antique stores and start talking with people. They'll offer you all kinds of crazy money if they like what you have.

I think I'm most proud of the new tires I got on the car though. We'd been needing them for a while, and driving on brand new ones is like floating on air. The roads are so bad out here that it's been like a rollar coaster ride. I say "Yay" for new tires.

In other news, Kevin's extension *officially* did not get approved so he will be back stateside. That made my day this morning to hear that. He's trying for California. We'll see what happens. NC would be ok too. But I'd love to stay here in California.
The other day when I wrote that thing about feeling like the mistress...I think I offended the hubby. I didn't mean to do that. I guess a better way to say it would be to say that I'm jealous of the time they get with him. I just want some too, ya know.

The kiddies are doing fine. We spent a few hours at the park the other day, and Anthony got some of his energy out. I can always tell when it's time to go because he starts getting cranky and argues with people. We'll have to work on that a bit.
Here's a weird meme that I've read a couple of people doing lately....List six weird things about yourself in no particular order. Here are mine. Feel free to laugh.

1. I don't like peas. My older brother, when we were 4 and 6, told me that bugs live inside peas. So I just stopped eating them. But lately I've rethought this whole thing and will eat them now, but only as long as I don't look at them first. If I look at them as they are going in my mouth I will just get nauseated. By the way, my kids love peas. They'll eat a bowl full of frozen peas, I kid you not.

2. I have a weird fear of talking to people I don't know, and some people I do know, on the phone. I will drive an hour just to talk to someone face-to-face for five minutes about something I heard about a year ago on the news. Before I get on the phone with someone I have to plan out what I'm going to say otherwise, I kid you not, I will sit there sounding like a complete moron who does not know what they want. I'm very good at faking that I'm good on the phone though. I had lots of practice when I worked at a bank and spent hours talking to people who would yell at me over the phone about the fact that their name is spelled wrong on their checks or that I told their husband the balance on their safety deposit box. But since I'm not working at the bank anymore, that weird phobia is getting pretty bad. Sometimes I force myself to call a Home Depot and just to ask if they have screws to try to subdue my phobia a little.

3. When I was 17 or 18 a man
about 10 years older than me asked me to have an affair with him because his wife had just had a baby and refused to have sex. I don't know if I had something tattooed on my forehead that would imply that I would sleep with this creepy guy or if he was just a creep and it could have been an ally cat that he asked. Anyway, I could not think of a good response at the moment he asked me so I just laughed really loud and long and got my stuff really quickly and left. I've seen seen him since, not really certain that he recognized me. The last time was at Christmas time and Kevin was with me at the mall. He creeps me out every time I see him. You may not think this whole thing is weird, but I do.

4. I used to not be able to use public restrooms if there were other people in there with me. When I was little my mom used to emphasize the importance of silence, (mostly because my dad would get cranky if we were loud), so I did everything as quietly as I could. But anyway, I couldn't go if there were other people there who might hear. I got over it when I got pregnant with Anthony because I was vomitting every five minutes and have to pee every 15. Still, I'll find the stall that's farthest away from everyone else and take care of my business.

5. It's very weird and uncomfortable for me to let people help me load my groceries into the car. There are stranger people and dirtier cars than mine but for some reason it's just really weird for me.

6. The dark kind of creeps me out. You don't know what's in the dark if it was dark when you got to the dark place. There could be people/things hiding, you could get hurt if there are things in your path, etc. The weird thing...I can't sleep if there is any light on. I'd rather not see what's hiding in the dark, than see it and be freaked out by it.

Ok, so now that I've embarrassed myself once again, it's your turn. What are your wierd things?


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