Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That dress you just have to have...

Unlike most women, I am not one that likes to shop. I'm happy with my jeans and t-shirts. I'm an in-and-out kind of person--I get what I need and leave.

Today I was returning some clothes that did not fit Anneliese and decided that I would try this shopping thing. Mostly just to waste time because we had nothing to do today. So we're wandering around and we found this dress, (my mom ended up coming to meet up with us). At first I was like "no way!",(because it was gold and a size 2!) and then I looked at it and thought
"why not!"(you only live once right?!) So I tried it on....

I'm not much for gold. I don't even wear gold jewelry. But I just could not help having to buy this dress. And now I'm ready for
next year's Marine Corps Ball:P

Do you like it? I love the folds on the bodice.

And now I'll wait around for the perfect shoes to appear somewhere.

Anneliese has this game going on whenever it's meal time. She bites the spoon and won't let go.
Most of the time it's mashed against her nose too, which looks pretty funny.

She's such a character. She's really starting to talk a lot. Some of her choice words are dog, Mamma, bottle, chip, Xavier (her uncle). The dog barks a lot, and she likes to point that out to everyone. Any drink is a bottle. Chips are her favorite. Uncle Xavier is the only person she'll let hold her and not scream about it.
Watched Lady in the Water yesterday. Blah. I thought his first two or three movies were good...

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Susan said...

Love the dress!