Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The key to open communication with a guy.

Put on a slinky gold dress, take a picture, email it to your loved one....get a response after a week of silence! LOL

Nothing for a week. I was starting to feel sorry for myself....I emailed him the pictures and looky there! He likes the dress. He likes it a lot.

So now that I've figured out how to get his attention... I have to go find more dresses!

(Just kidding hon.)

My brother gave me a gift card to Bath and Body works and I'm trying to decide what to get. I love The raspberry and the cucumber and melon stuff...But I thought I'd try something new. What is your favorite?
I have a challenge for everyone. I'm challenging myself too. Be more femanine. Wear a skirt everyday for a week. Spend an hour putting on make-up and doing your hair. Knock someone's socks off. Let a guy open a door for you. (That's fairly uncommon around know Liberal California and all. Unless you happen to be around some nice older gentleman.) Paint your toenails. Wear a cute little apron while you cook. Do something out of your ordinary everyday stuff to make yourself more femanine. If there are guys reading this...Do something to make a girl feel more femanine. Like pull out her chair for her, or offer to carry something. We really do like it. I promise.

I have a question. I saw this very pregnant woman get on a bus and have to stand because some twirpy little teenagers would not move to let her sit down. Is it wrong, or do we have an obligation to say something to these teenagers to make them be thoughful and let a poor woman sit? Personally I would say something (like move your scrawny ass and let her sit!), but I guess some people might think that is a little out of line. What do you think?

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Susan said...

Their parents should have taught them some manners. Kids these days... I don't know. Scares the crap out of me.