Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Some news, a new craft project.

A few days ago I emailed a bunch of family and friends a belated Christmas note about how we are doing and wishing a happy new year. A cousin- in- law emailed back that they are expecting the arrival of their fourth baby the end of this month. Super exciting. They are great people. I was a nanny for their oldest back when me and Kevin first met. Congrats to them.


This lovely little necklace I put together last night before going to bed.

There had been a pie-pan of buttons just hanging around in my room, and all but these fit into the jar I transfered them too. It's pretty cute. It needs some tweaking though before it's perfect. Today I'll make a trip to the bead store to see if I can find some better closers for it. There are a ton of buttons yet to experiment with.

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