Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Life is so interesting.

I woke up with a start this morning and sat straight up in bed. I thought perhaps I was having another asthma attack, but all was well in the breathing department. (I did the same thing when Kevin was home, except I had asthma, and freaked us both out.) Man, though, the thoughts that followed after I figured out I could breath...what a kicker! I won't go into it, but lets just say I wanted to go back to dream land quick-quick!

So anyway...It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm sitting here reading through some of my favorite blogs because sleep never came. Other people's lives are always so interesting to read about. Sometimes I get "life-envy" but then I think about what I have and I'm pretty content to stay put:) The only thing I ever really wish for is more time. More time for a shower, more time with Kevin, more time to draw/read/craft/learn.

Day before yesterday I was trying to come up with a logo for my little "business". Let's just say I got distracted.

My youngest brother, Peter, thinks she looks like a Zombie. But then he thinks everything looks like a Zombie. And he's 12...so it's not like you can really rely on him for realistic opinions.

I have not really drawn in so long. It's very time consuming for me because I'm not so good as I would like to be. That's not to say I can't draw a really great stick figure, but I mean, come on! Just about anyone can do that! I'm too much of a perfectionist in that department.
Today I am going to move "our stuff" out of my dad's storage unit and into one of our own. We don't really have much. But I feel like it grows every time I go look for anything. Sometimes I just feel like throwing everything away. Actually, more often than just sometimes.
Might as well get to it while the munchkins are still sleeping!
Have a good day!

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