Thursday, December 28, 2006

Almost the end...

Tomorrow at 6 am we are headed to SFO to drop off our Marine. All day I've just been sad sad sad, and grouchy-a-rama. I think both those things fit our little situation but I still wish I wasn't feeling so upset. We knew the vacation had to end at some point. It always comes too soon.

Kev has been feeling that his extension won't be going through. They already have his orders for LeJuene, so he's thinking that that is why the extension hasn't gone through. There are already orders waiting for us. I keep this ongoing conversation going on in my head to try to keep a little sanity in my life. The next four months will fly by. Just keep telling yourself that, Celeste. We'll be together again and have our own place and we can be a family once again. It'll be great.

Anthony has been really weepy the last few days. We've been trying to prepare him for daddy going back to Japan. He's taking it really hard. It's showing in his behavior--fits and crying and nightmares. It'll be ok after a week or so.

Power is out at home, so we are spending the night at the hotel. They predict that the power will be up tomorrow evening but they said that yesterday too. At any rate...when the power does get back up at home I'll post about our time with Kev and post some pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you God for a wonderful time.


Susan said...

Oh hon, just a little longer.

Celeste said...

It'll be over before we know it...

...just feels miserable sometimes.