Monday, November 20, 2006

Wanting things we can't have.

Did you ever wish you could be like someone else? You go as far as to start little things towards being like that someone? I was thinking about that yesterday as I was blog-surfing. The thought crossed my mind that I wished I could be as sweet as some of the girls that I was reading about. They all seem to be living this fantasy life, crafting away, living with their cat perched on their lap 24/7 and sipping tea with croissants at tea time. I suppose if you don't have kids and your husband is there with you at the end of the day these things are a lot easier and simpler to do.
I sneak in my crafting between diaper changes and naps and apples and peanut butter snacks. I don't get to sit on my porch petting a cat on my porch swing because I'm paranoid the kids will either crawl or jump off the deck (we're 2 stories up). And I'm more a coke or coffee person than a tea sipper. I just don't fit that mold. But it's a cute little fantasy.

Kevin went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball last night. I SO wanted to be able to go. He called while he was getting ready and I had this lovely little image of him in his dress-blues and me in some lovely dress floating around in my head. It's just not fair. Anyway...I hope he had fun. I know...They all get drunk and act like fools, but heck, that's fun too! I would love to have a night where I could get drunk and act like a fool. Not that I'd be likely to do either, but it sounds fun.

I miss him. He sent me this picture.
It's strange how you look at pictures of the ones you love in situations you've never seen them in and think to yourself "Yeah, I know him...." But it looks so strange to see them in that situation because you've never seen them that way, and you wonder what they are like when they aren't with you. Seems so funny that this same person holding this weapon is the one who teases me mercilessly over the phone, and acts silly with children. Funny.
I've been conned into cooking Thanksgiving. If I had a choice I'd go out somewhere for dinner with the kids. Life cannot just be simple though. There always has to be some sort of complication. Isn't that the way it always is?
Mom doesn't want dad in the kitchen.
Dad wants to help cook the meal.
Mom "doesn't like dad's cooking".
Dad said "fine" that he'd just help buy the food.
Mom is angery that he wants to help.
Mom isn't going to be here anyway because she says she has to work.
Mom won't end up getting home till 6 or 7 then because she'll find some reason to stay.
So if she's not here why can't he help?!
No one likes that idea though, so I said I'd do it. No one is happy with that plan either. Tough shit. Obviously you can't have what you want around here so they're going to get what they get! And then I'm going to a friends house because I was invited:)

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