Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Birthday Ball.

The hunny and a friend who is fondly called "Chili Dog". Don't ask me....:)
Electric slide, anyone? I know...It's just too funny.

The husband has informed me that the move is happening. But probably not before January. Big suprise there. So I asked if I should quit procrastinating about getting the passports..."You still haven't done that yet?" Yeah, well I'm just the biggest pessamist. I suppose I should do it. I got my picture taken. It's sad and silly looking, but it will work. Next, I have to get the kids photo's taken. I have to find someone that will do Anneliese's. I'll have to make some calls.

I should probably really pack up some more stuff that we don't need. And go back to storage and finish re-packing what is left. Maybe after Thanksgiving, and when the weather is better. It's a bit soggy out right now.

Kevin had to go to a meeting the other night to talk about everything that's going on with his peeps and how it'll affect us spouses, etc. I laughed when he said I probably wouldn't like some of the wives because according to him some of them look annoying. I wasn't aware that annoying had a look, but if it does, I'm glad he doesn't think I have it. And we talked about the get-togethers that he called "gossip sessions". But he did emphasize that I still needed to be "in" with the "group" so I know what's going on and have some people to help out if I need it. Ok then. I'm so not a groupie. That's ok though! I'll put on my fake smile and practice all the manners my mother taught me. And then I'll go home and do what I want. :)

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