Friday, October 27, 2006

Yeah, we are like soooo rich.

I keep reading about people being completely against the pay raise. It's so lame. 2.2% people! What's that like $12 a month or something?!
Yesterday Kevin read me this article, and this guys response to it about the military personel getting a pay raise. You know we're all just rolling in the dough. I mean, look at all the fancy stuff we have! I live with my parents because it's
just so much fun. These people who are complaining about the pay raise have their heads up their asses. Do people realize that a vast majority of military families are on food stamps? That they will never pay off their civillian companies debts? That they live at or below poverty level? In California, we qualify as being a low-income family, we are below poverty level, and if I wanted to I could probably get food stamps and other free things. The perk...Kevin is getting an excellent education for when/if he gets out and wants to have a civillian job. He could make at least 70k a year I think...Personally I wouldn't mind making this a "life" thing.
The soldiers, sailors, etc. who have fancy gadgets and cool cars spend their whole paychecks in one blow, and then beg, borrow or steal to make it through to the next pay check.

Stupid ignorant people. Go smoke your ten dollar cigars and leave us alone.


Susan said...

OMG! Our base pay is less that $14000 a year. These people need to shut up!

Celeste said...

I agree %200!