Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Musings on what makes life go 'round. Subtitled "The stuff we put up with."

Disclaimer: The following may offend you. Or you may laugh. Either way, nothing I say is always politically correct, or socially correct for that matter. It's like a freak-show in my head sometimes, so you are free to click that cute little X button up in the corner if you think you'll be offended by what I might have to say.

No offense to God or anything, but somtimes I wonder about the design of our bodies. Especially the female body. I had a baby 8 and a half months ago. I was stretched to kingdom come. How on earth am I ever supposed to fully recover from that traumatic event?! I still hurt...

I've already had one before that, you say. Well, poo on you! I never recovered from that experience either! I've been scarred for life. Literally.

I've not had my period yet, and I'm fighting between the love/hate relationship we women have with that experience. I want to say "hurry the hell up and come", and on the other hand it's kind of nice not having to worry about it for a while. Anthony was almost a year before my lil friend came around to visit.

The baby weight has come off, and then some, but things are definately not the way they were pre-babies. My theory is that we look good when we're young so that some guy will smell out our pheramones and hook up with us because we look good too. Then it all just goes to hell. You get saggy, you get wrinkly, and the stretch marks are more numerous than the freckles you have. And our manly beasts stick around because they still have this picture in their head of what we looked like before.

Honestly, my hormones are probably still not normal so that may explain this freak show of events running 'round in my head. There is a running commentary on everything that goes on around me, and usually it's really funny, but sometimes I get so sad it's scary. Not suicidal sad, just so sad I just want to hide in a closet until it stops. Sad about my body. Sad about my feelings towards people, sad reading childrens stories to my kids. Freaky.

Someone just recently pointed out to me that they don't think I'm a good Catholic/Christian. Yes, well...Neither was Peter, or Paul, or Thomas. Heck, Matthew was a theiving tax collector who probably stole so much from people that he couldn't pay it back in a life time.

God made me the way I am. He gave me this personality. I am who I am because HE thought it was good. So are you saying He has bad taste in friends? Wouldn't be the first time.

All I have to say to you people who think I'm bad is......GO AWAY you hipacrites. Go and pray for me:)


Anthony is not yet 4 years old. He will be 4 next month. People are already all about putting their kids in school by this age. I'm just not for it. I don't need my kid coming home telling me how some kid taught him to say *shit*, or with snot running down his face because some *teacher* didn't give him or show him where the Kleenex was. He can't sit still. Trust me, we have tried. The Grandparents have tried. Friends have tried. Not happening. You'd have to tie him to a chair.

So here's the deal. He is all about going to school. But he has no concept of what that is. So we've been doing "school" at home. I got books and have been reading to him, teaching him the alphabet and how to read, about the world, (he knows where daddy is on the map, and where we are), we have a map on the wall we look at everyday, we have learned about plants and how they grow, he can count, we sing songs, talk about the weather, draw pictures. And then we go to the park and he plays with other kids his age. And guess what! He's the nicest of them all. He shares, he says thank you, he says please, he asks for help, he doesn't push. The other little kids on the play ground...they are little shits. (Pardon the explative.) They are rude and mean, they talk to their parents disrespectfully, they don't listen when I talk to them or tell them to stop being mean. I don't want my kids like that. So yes he plays with these kids who go to school already, but he is much more educated and polite than they are. He gets along better, too. So all you schooling your children at public school already at age 2, 3, and can go away too. My kid is doing fantastic right where he is, thank you. He might go to school later on, but for now he's fine. And when he is ready to go to school he'll be prepared for what it is about.

Ok. I'm done whinning and complaining about everyone.

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Susan said...

Children don't need to be anywhere but with their parents for at least the first 5 years. They don't learn anything but how to be bullies in preschool. I fully agree with you on this one. Just had this conversation myself. I get the "but how will they learn to socialize?" Please.