Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween! Booga boo!

It's Halloween all you holiday junkies! Go bake some cookies or something!


I was totally anti-trick-or-treating with the kids. That is until my brother, Peter, explained to my innocent son what it was all about. (Getting as much candy as you can and then stuffing your face. And having your parents want to hang themselves when they see how much sugar you just stuffed your face with.) It's not that I'm not still anti-treat...I just was wishing I could wait a few years. Like the kid needs sugar. He's already hyper active! So now I'm stuck doing it because they asked Grandpa if he would take them. You know I have to go. My dad might drink in the car, and then I'd have to kill him. So Anthony will have some treats and then the majority of them will disappear. I know. I'm so mean.

Tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation for us Catholic's, so don't forget to go to Mass. We're celebrating All Saint's. I like this Holy Day because they usually sing some of the old-school traditional songs, and do special prayers for the faithfully departed. It's nice because I tend to like the older Pre-Vatican II songs/prayers...They give you the chills when you sing/pray them. I don't know what it is about them...

When I was traveling in Europe ten years ago I was in Yugaslavia when it was All Saint's Day. It's very big over there because it gives the people a chance to remember and celebrate the lives of the loved ones they lost in the Wars. They decorate the grave yards with masses of flowers and candles and then have evening processions through the grave yards and sing songs and say prayers. It was very touching to see the love that these people felt for their departed family members. It's almost frowned upon to celebrate the lives of the departed in the United States in such a manner. Even though most tend to believe in the after-life it's still taboo to talk about it publicly. (Thank you very much all you Atheist people.)

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