Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fleet week, and other Military stuff.

Fleet week is always awesome. The Blue Angels, the ships, the parades....It's just cool. And a lot of fun. I'm hoping to take the kids on Saturday, if Anneliese is feeling better. ( She has croup and asthma pretty bad right now.) We'll pack a picnic and park by the Warf and just hang out.
You can read about it here http://www.fleetweek.us/fleetweek/


SpouseBUZZ.com is a newish blog for military spouses that posts some interesting articles about stuff that affects our lives.


On the spousal side...Kevin will be on his way to the Phillipines at the end of the week. It's really cool that he's getting to see so many foreign countries. He's catching up with me:) I've never been to an Asian country, though, so he's got a few countries on me in that way. He sounded excited about leaving Australia. They are bored. Sounds like a Marine. He's not happy unless he's using his equiptment. Anyway, he said he doesn't know how long they will be there before going back to Japan. But they are eager to get there.

He talked to Anthony and Anthony asked when he was coming home. I think that's a first. He told Anthony that he's hoping to come home for his birthday. So that would be the end of November. Anthony has no concept of when that is. He just is eager to see daddy and show him everything he's learned. I would love for Kevin to come home for Anthony's birthday. He's missed all except his first I think. It would be cool. We'll do Christmas early if he comes then as well. And Thanksgiving. I would love to start making plans but I'm kind of nervous to do that in case things change. I'm good at last minute stuff anyway.


This is non-military, but I'm fussing still so I'll share.

Peter let Anneliese fall off the bed last night while I was in the bathroom. I say "let" because she fell off while he was playing the playstation. Hello! You don't put a baby on a bed and walk away. I don't know what she hit her head on but she has a purple bruise diagonally across her forehead.
That's not the worst part though.
She bangs her head on stuff... like her highchair tray, the floor, etc. when she's mad. I was sitting at the table trying to comfort her, and she put her hands down on the table and... BAM! She smacked her poor little head on the table. The poor child is traumatized. I was crying cause it just was so aweful...my mom is screaming at Peter for letting her get hurt in the first place. Bad juju. LOL
Now I'm paranoid over her hitting her head again.

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