Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Things to think about.

It crossed my mind today after I talked with Kevin for 1 min and 4 seconds that in all actuality he could possibly be in Iraq and I would never even know. He could. I don't see his itenirary, or plane tickets. I don't have caller id to tell me who, or where, he is calling from. Interesting, huh?

As a matter of fact, though, I do know that he is in Australia because his command told me so.

When he called he said he just found out that they won't be home when he thought they would be. He sounded tired.


I just went to Kevin's webpage, just to see if there was anything there. Suprise suprise! He actually put some stuff up there. Not much. But you can check it out if you want to.

I wonder what kind of person Anneliese will grow up to be.

This afternoon I walked by her-- sitting on the floor on the carpet. As I passed by she started screeching, rolled herself onto her stomach and started to kick the floor and bang her head. Fleeting thoughts-- "She's possessed. Will you look at that!", "I wonder how long she'll do that before she realizes it hurts...". I picked her up off the floor and the poor little sweet child bit me.

My sister used to do those same things. She turned out fairly normal:P

Anthony has not thrown a tantrum in a couple of months now. It's been really great. Perhaps he grew out of them? He still shuts his eyes when you talk to him though. Especially if he knows he's in trouble.

Someone tell me...are these normal boy things- read on.
Anthony had an erection when he went potty in the morning. He was taking a long time in the bathroom. I went in to find him smashing his lil penis in between the toilet seat and the bowl. Ouchie!

When he has to go potty he will come and stand right in front of me and punch/bang on his penis, all the while I'm yelling at him to stop and to go in and go potty.

Why can't they come with instructions? You know, they could be tucked in there next to them in the womb in a plastic bag or something...


Susan said...

Sounds about right. It's amazing that children don't really do damage to themselves.

Celeste said...

no kidding! makes me think perhaps there were other reasons behind the invention of the jock strap...