Monday, September 25, 2006

Silly baby things...

When they roll away while you are changing their diaper...and sit there grinning at you like everything is cool...that's funny.

When they are crying and then cry more because they are pulling their own hair...that's sad but funny.

When they laugh while they are eating, and spray everything with baby's messy but funny.

When they grin at you with green-pea-teeth while they are eating...kinda gross, but funny.

When they are screaming their little head off because they are tired and then all of a sudden just fall asleep sitting up...that's ony funny because they are asleep now and not screaming at you.

When they laugh, cough, sneeze and fart all at the same's funny because they look suprised afterwards.

In the middle of Mass on Sunday, Anthony says really loudly, "I have earwax!". Everyone around us started laughing. Then he wanted to show everyone his ear wax.

Well Anthony is over whatever it was that he had. Now he has a cold and cough. And a runny nose. Using Sambucol with him. He seems better than if he was not taking it.

I hate fall and winter. Seems like everyone is always sick. And you can't get warm out here. And even if you are warm you are damp because the air is so moist here in the forest. It just stinks all around. It's so moist that our bathroom ceiling molds on a consistent basis. About once a week someone has to go in there with bleach and whatever else to scrub it down so allergies don't get agrivated. I hate moist. I hate cold. I hate sick. And I hate mold.

I'm almost done building/assembling/painting Anthony's little kitchen. It's looking pretty good. I just need to make curtains to go on the the bottom under the sink and around the sides because I'm too lazy to try to figure out how to put on sides. He keeps asking "Do I get to wash dishes? Do I get to cook?" He's super excited. I think it's one of the best gifts that I could have given him so far. Everything else he just gets bored with. I'm sure he'll get bored with this too at some point, but then Anneliese can play with it.

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