Saturday, September 02, 2006

Broken down...

I swear...lately it seems like if something can go wrong, it does.

Last night the baby and I went on our way to Whole Foods Market, which is about a half hour away. Stopped in the turn lane to go into the parking lot the car dies. I thought maybe it idled out. Who knows. So I tried to start it and all it does is make noise trying to turn over. I freak out. It's rush hour and I have like 6 cars behind me honking for me to move. I had my hazards on and this lady keeps honking at me! So I got out of my car and yelled at her. LOL She drove away, and I started pushing my car trying to get it out of the way. That must have been funny looking because all of a sudden 3 teenagers showed up out of nowhere to help.

I called me dad and he came to look and see if he could find what was wrong. There was no spark to the plugs. All along I'm thinking "PLEASE START! WE HAVE NO MONEY FOR REPAIRS!" And then I rememered that we pay every month for Honda Care. So technically this should be covered...whatever it is that's wrong.

Anyway...three hours later the tow truck finally came and towed it back to the dealership. Which happens to not be open till Tuesday.

I guess I'll be saving on gas this week!

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