Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Did a little shopping yesterday. Spent way more than I planned to. Didn't splurge at all though.

First I filled up the gas tank. Why is that always so scary? Costco was cheapest and it was still $3.09. So $30 worth of gas went in there. I hate going there too. It's always so darn busy. I keep telling people it's like those commercials on the radio...They go in and you never see them come out. And when/if they do come out...they have like $500 worth of food that will go bad before they could ever eat it all.

From there we went to Baby Depot. I love that store. So many cute baby things. I got a rail for the bed, (no more screaming baby/Anthony on the floor at 3 in the morning), a chewy teether, a new bottle for water in the car, and that sticky window tint for the backseat of the car. In all about $50.

Then we went to Walmart. I won't even go into that because you always buy more than you need there. Another $40.

Then we went to meet my mother at the Thrift Store down town. $20 on a brand new pair of shoes that would have cost 3 times that brand new.

Oh yeah, and I paid the car payment. Almost $400.

Someone take away my debit card!


Susan said...

How oh how did you only spend $40 at Wal-Mart? Tell me your secret!! lol

Celeste said...


i had a screaming 3 year old hanging on to my shirt the whole time. somehow that makes shopping go really really fast!
granted...i got things i didn't go to get and forgot to ge the stuff i needed.

Susan said...

that sounds about right. lol