Monday, July 31, 2006

The Little Women.

She always smiles after I take the picture. It's just not fair. Oh well.

So today we are going to go see Anneliese's Godmother over in Napa. I'm assumming that this will end up being a big ol' family gathering considering my Aunt Jeanine lives there in town too. Where one gathers there will be more! We're going to hang out for a while and stay for dinner.
Good thing I went and bought that new dvd player for the car yesterday. It'll keep Anthony entertained on the way over and back. It's about a 2 hour drive. Hopefully it won't be too hot either. That would be miserable.

So next week we leave for Texas. Anthony keeps asking if we're going "today". He's pretty excited about going. I plan on finding fun things to do and places to go that I haven't been yet. That shouldn't be too hard. It's supposed to be blistering hot there though, so maybe I can find something to do indoors, or near water. I wonder if they would be up for heading down to the Gulf. I've only seen the Pacific and the Mediterranian sea. It would be cool to add another body of water to my repitoire. I hear the water is really warm and clear. We'll see I guess.

Happy day, everyone.

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