Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kung Fu, freaky day dreams, and creeps in the bathroom.

Kevin called last night as I was getting ready to go to sleep. It's a good thing too cause I was laying there fretting about a freaky day-dream-type-thought. I keep getting this picture in my head of him being in Iraq, or some desert-like place, and jumping in front of something (a bullet? a bomb?) to save his friends. And he dies. I don't see him die, but that's the feeling I get. He says it's just my mind imagining the worst possible scenario. No shit. He made me laugh though, so I forgot about the bad dream for a bit.

I keep hoping it's not another one of those premonitions like those I've had in the past. You know how most people are, "Wish I knew what was going to happen in the future!"
No thanks. I'd rather be ignorant. The situations that I've known about what was going to happen...I was not able to change them from happening. I'd rather just not know and be suprised or something. That's one of those gifts that you wish God would take back, or tell you what the hell to do with so you'd at least not feel so powerless.


I was watching the Matrix: Revolution last night. You know how Neo does Kung-fu to protect himself from all the bad guys....It'd be cool to be able to do that. Not that I get into Kung-fu type fights with anyone but it would still be pretty awesome to be able to defend yourself like that.

Kevin says that what he's for. So, I don't need to know Kung-fu.

He's totally my hero:)


They caught some freak this morning who raped a girl in the bathroom at Doran Beach last weekend. I swear, people like that should be castrated.
I heard on the radio, (cause I don't watch the news), about this guy who was raping his daughter from the time she was 11 years old until she was 13. And the mom was not upset, but defending her husband. Not only should he be castrated, but she should be punished too for allowing him to do that to the daughter. People like that should not be allowed to breed.

Anyway...I won't be letting any kids go in any public bathrooms alone.

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