Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My money flew down the freeway

Lately at Walmart there has been this guy out front selling hats and pins and flags and other cool stuff. He had these magnets for your car, ya know. So I got two-- The EGA with the US Marines on it, and a yellow ribbon with Marines on it. So I stick them both on the back of the car, and as I'm driving along on the freeway I see the ribbon fly off and get run over by the ten cars behind me. What the heck. I was so irritated. At least the other one stayed on. I'm wondering how long it will take before someone steals it though. The guy was trying to get me to buy this hat that said Princess on it for Anneliese, but it was like 5 sizes too big.

He did tell me to tell Kev "thanks for serving" though. So there ya go honey, for $2.50 of your hard earned money (flying down the freeway) someone said they were proud of you! It's kind of rare around here...so eat it up:)

Most of the time when I mention what my husband does they go "Ooooooh...aww...I'm sorry. " What people don't get is that I don't mourn that my husband is in the military. I'm proud of him.

Speaking of being proud there's a Rally on Saturday for the Troops. I did a little investigating to make sure it wasn't an Anti-Bush Rally...I really didn't want to drag the kids to something where people are going to burn the leader of our country in efigy. Or have Cindy Sheehan supporters there screaming for our soldiers to desert and go to Canada.
Me and the kids went to the river yesterday. We had a blast. It's was great, there were only about 5 other people there on this huge beach so it was quiet (aside from Anthony yelling at Peter to stop splashing him!) and beautiful! It was about 84 with a gentle breeze and not a cloud in the sky. You can see the kids blog for pictures. It was mostly shallow too so I didn't have to worry much about Anthony drowning while I nursed the baby. We'll be going back soon. Good, inexpensive fun!

I've talked to Kevin once in the last week. I'm missing him. Hmm.

Off to clean the kitchen. It's a good distraction.

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