Thursday, June 29, 2006

He likes shock value.

Kevin likes to freak me out every once in a while. I think he thinks it keeps me on my toes.
This is his idea of "just another day at the office". I swear that's what he would say too. All I can say is...BETTER YOU THAN ME BABE! :)
When all is said and done, I think he loves the Marine Corps for all the "cool shit" he gets to do:) Whatever makes him happy I guess! Just don't ask me to get up there and do that...

Wait let me make my own caption for this...Umm...Ok here. "Marine Passes Out While Rapelling, Other Marine Comes to Rescue." (Haha...I'm gonna get a nice verbal buttkicking for that one!)

Today was interesting. I sold some stuff on ebay. Thats always fun. So I went and mailed out
the package.
And then came home to find out I had to go back into town. This wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't mean an hour in the car each way.
Seems like something always happens when my brother has to be in town for his classes, and so instead of Dad acting like a "Dad" he ends up somehow convincing me to take over. A pipe broke. I could have called the plumber just as easily as he did. I guess somehow it is more "real" coming from a guy. I love waking up my cranky baby from a nap to put her in the car too. Whatever. I give up. The least he could do is pay for my $3.08 per/gl gas. That's not so much to ask. He makes like twice as much as we do. Argh. Sorry. A little bitter.

I decided to make another dress for baby girl out of the "ugly" fabric. I know. She has so many
clothes already, but I swear this dress is sooooo cute.'s almost done.

Well..I think it's cute anyway.


Sunburn update. I'm peeling like an orange! All I can say is gross. On the upside...I'm tan underneith!


A picture for Kevin. He complains if he doesn't get one every now and then:)
Have two, they're free! :)

I love this t-shirt, by the way. On the back it says "Hug a military wife....Or buy her liquor!"

This is the cuteness before the ear-piercing scream.


Susan said...

LOL, your husband sounds like my husband. I think I'm better off just not knowing most of what he thinks is oh so much fun. I like the dress, it's darling.

Celeste said...

that's how i feel! ignorance is bliss sometimes!

Dominique said...

My friend Chris fell rapelling... He was flat on his back for a year and was told he'd never walk again. Now he has a prosthetic spine.