Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Strange GOOD things.

Some very interesting, odd, and good things are happening around here. It's very bizzarre.

We'll start with Mothers Day.
My sister called and decided to take my mom to lunch. That's great, she never calls us to do anything with her. She's pretty independent and busy with work and friends, etc. She's working for a lawyer now as a paralegal so she's quite busy. So she took mom out to lunch and my older brother showed up! We haven't seen him in about a year. He's very busy too, but I thought perhaps he had just kind of written us all off. In fact I thought I'd never see him again. Well, he not only showed up for lunch with my mom, he drove out here and delivered flowers while we were all gone, and then came back to give my youngest brother a ride on his motor cycle. I must say...I was suprised.

Peter had a blast. They drove out to the coast and came back through town. It was the highlight of his weekend.

Next! Moving on to Anthony. He seems to be doing amazingly better! About a week and a half ago I wrote a letter to a friend of mine who happens to be a Norbertine Nun now. I asked her to pray specifically for healing for Anthony. She wrote back and assured me that she would, and that all the sisters would pray! He hasn't thrown a tantrum in days...Now don't get me wrong, he 's still difficult and we have very difficult moments throughout the day, but he's doing
substantially better. He's gone from tantruming to falling apart at the seems and sobbing his little heart out. I can handle this much easier. It seems he can too. He'll let me hold him and comfort him, and then all is better!
He's my snuggler. It seems Anneliese will be that way too. These kids ...it's almost like they are starved for affection, which is nuts because I feel like all I do throught out the day is hold them and kiss them and hug them. ~~~

The kitchen is finally almost all cleaned out. We bought the range top to install, and a microwave with a hood to go over it. Today I'm going to look at cabinets at Yardbird because they are all discounted because they're closing that store. Things are finally coming together. It makes life so much easier to know that something is being accomplished to make life easier around here.
The picture below is of the faucet handle in the bathroom. I was just messing around with the camera taking pictures of ordinary things, and trying to make them look extraordinary. I'm figuring out that you don't have to have amazing sunsets or something to get great pictures. It's challenging my creativity.

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