Friday, May 05, 2006

Frustrated and discouraged. What's new.

A few weeks ago I made up a Yahoo forum trying to see if I could get some other families together to form our own little Family Readiness/Support group around here. I put up some flyers with the address on little tabs you can tear off. Someone took them all down. That someone is very much a meanie.

I'm having trouble getting my youngest brother to do anything. It's really starting to tick me off. He's supposed to be homeschooled. He won't even brush his teeth or get dressed. School work just seems like a joke.

People are doing thier laundry now, but not folding it. So it sits in the drier (sometimes washer) until someone comes along to do something about it. Usually me. Yesterday I was trying to fold some of the 4 laundry buckets full of laundry when it struck me--"Why the hell am I aiding people in being careless and irresponsible?" I dumped the laundry back in the buckets and sent it all back down the stairs. It's still where I dumped it. The guys all left for school and work this morning with out even moving it. Looks like they went through it to get something to wear though. I'll fold mom's laundry because she needs the help(she's working like 80 hours a week!), but to heck with everyone else. They're able bodied men. They can help themselves. At 53, 20, 19 and 12 you should be able to fold your own laundry and put it away.

The baby is having a bad day. She just cries and cries. Even when I hold her. She's been nursed, she's been changed, she's even been held and rocked (all the while still crying). I finally just layed her down. She just now stopped crying. I think it might be a growth spurt. Her clothes are getting a little snug lately....

I have another headache...and this rash on my face seems like it's getting worse. I think it might be the stress of everything. When I get stressed my headaches, but I just noticed that the rash starts to itch too. Weird.

Anthony keeps asking where the fish is.
He just offered me a cracker and when I said no he pulled my bottom lip out and shoved it in. I guess I wanted a cracker after all.

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