Monday, May 14, 2012

There was an article I was reading recently about parenting children with specials needs that listed 5 things that are essential to surviving. They are:

  • Tolerance
  • Acceptance
  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Time for Yourself
Even as I sit here writing this out, my little one has pulled up the bottom of the sandbox again, spilling sand everywhere, beat the dog with a soda bottle, upturned all the patio furniture, and dumped dog food in his train table.

I tolerate him up turning things and making messes because honestly you get tired of micromanaging to keep things clean. I am lacking in all the areas listed above...But I do TRY.

I accept, and practice everyday accepting. There are times when I get beyond crazy, when one after another troublesome thing happen, and I start crying in my head so I won't scream at the poor child. In those moments I've started to pray and remember that God made me this child's mother because he thought I would be best in some way. Then search within myself to rustle up some more acceptance of the situation. The other thing I do is spiritually throw myself at the foot of the Cross and beg God for help. It sounds desperate, but in those situations sometimes I feel desperate for help.

I try to be patient as he grabs at me to hold him while I clean up his messes, or when he tells me he popped the pool with my car keys that he took out of my purse that I had put on top of the refrigerator so he wouldn't steal them again.

Organization. All I can say is...I try. It's hard to do. We have a morning routine, and an evening routine. What happens in between usually consists of me repairing destroyed furniture, walls, clothes, toys, cleaning up one room at a time, or making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear. I just finished filing papers that had been collecting on the counter for the last 6 months. You get the idea.

Time for yourself. I'm not sure I have anything to say with regards to time to myself. It's important. Numerous people have pointed out its importance. It's hard to come by. Especially with my husband away and not having the extra funds for a babysitter. I usually take little moments out of the day for myself. I listen to some devotions while I make the kids lunches. I read a paragraph of a book while I brush my teeth. I pray in the shower. I close the door to my room until I can't hear kids making noise, or until they come banging and crying at the door. I guess I could say...It's a nice idea. 

At any rate, I feel that each of those things could use some work. I could take more time to think before I act. Or to think ahead at how I can react.  I'm a work in progress. No matter who you are, or what your situation, I'm sure these themes could apply to your life as well.

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