Thursday, June 16, 2011

She said the "A" word!

(Ignore the mess and focus on the boy!:)

It's not the one you're thinking! :)

This morning we met with Anthony's behavioral Psychologist. Last time we met, she gave me a Connors Evaluation to fill out. It was like 108 questions. Some of it didn't apply, but a lot of it did. She went over it with another of the doctors in the office, the one that specifically does testing for all things learning and emotional/mental health-wise. She said it clicked that what we might be dealing with is a mild case of Aspergers, but we won't know for sure until we get him thoroughly tested. But she said, (and spoke as if this is truly possibly what is going on), that if this is a diagnosis that it's a good move ahead to help Anthony to function better, and be able to socialize better. And it will be essential to have the documentation to take to whatever school he may go to so that he can get the help he needs to excel. He's incredibly smart, he just needs a little help!

The downside right now is that the doctor who does all the testing is moving to another practice and she isn't sure that we will be able to use her to get Anthony's testing done. So...we might end up having to go to Wilmington to another doctor if we can't arrange it somehow to use the same doctor that it was scheduled with. It's a little disappointing, the uncertainty of what is going to happen. But Anthony's psychologist is really advocating for him to get whatever help he needs and she's willing to do as much as she can to help out. She feels it is crucial to get an accurate diagnosis, and for that I am grateful. She made a point of letting me know that she doesn't have a lot of confidence in the other local testers. She said she has seen their reports on kids, and they are no where near as accurate and in depth as they need to be to help kids. I'm so glad she felt comfortable telling me that so that he isn't just passed over. We'll figure it out though. I'm confident in her enthusiasm to help Anthony.

Today I'm grateful for her in our life.

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