Friday, April 15, 2011

My sweet boy!

Anthony is such a joy to me. He's my sensitive little man. He's super smart, concerned with others, and a joy to be around. He's special in so many ways!

The things that make him special can also be a trial for him. He's suffered through bullying without complaining, his being sensitive often times can cause him to carry worry and sadness for long amounts of time, and being "nice" has often times given him a great amount of anxiety when it comes to dealing with interacting with others. He has so much anxiety at times that it's been crippling. But we're working on things with a behavioral specialist, and she has been wonderful with Anthony. He loves spending time with her learning coping skills. She gets him to laugh, relax, and learn how to relate with others.

Today we talked about integrating him back in to a school setting. Along with a possible anxiety disorder diagnosis, we decided to have him tested for learning disabilities. Neither one of us think he has any, however it will be helpful and together with documenting the anxiety it may allow for more one on one time with a teacher or tutor. That would be great, because more and more I am finding that he really needs that one on one time and I can't always provide it with the other two kids. If we decide to keep homeschooling then we will have some good ideas of what needs might require special attention which would be easier to address once Annie is in school as well.

I must say, when it was recommended that we take him to the behavioral specialist I was concerned that they would just want to put him on some sort of medication. But it's actually been really great, and it's been more therapeutic than anything else. It's nice that someone else sees he's not just lazy or awkward, or being difficult. He's a many layered little man.

And I love him.

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