Friday, February 11, 2011

All that takes place!

My poor, neglected blog. The last couple of months, even the last year or so, has just seemed to suck the words right out of me. I would blog, but I can't think of what to say half the time.

So many times I hear people say, "No matter what, just write. Even if it doesn't make any sense something can be taken from it." So true, and yet, still so hard. Often there is so much that I can't condense it down into something that might make some sense. So for my absence, I apologize. Life just seems to take me in all sorts of directions all at once!

A condensed version...

Before Christmas the kids and I went to California. We came back to NC in January and started back up with schooling, myself included. I started on my AA. My focus is Psychology. And so far, I have shocked myself with great grades. That is huge because I never did well in school. But I'm determined to set for my kids a good example of life time learning and that it is a wonderful and vital part of life.

Kevin comes and goes with work quite often. He is doing well though.

We got a dog. His name is Duke and he is a big baby. He's a three year old red nose Pit-bull.
The kids are in Ballet and Choir and they will start Track and Field next month.

The projects around the house are unending.

My hair recently started to grow back (it has been incredibly thin)...and it's coming in grey and white! So bizarre. The Dr. has lowered my medication three times now. Strange for me because I have no thyroid! Still trying to figure that one out.

Every so often I work on projects in my studio. Very busy with other things, so my art and crafts have taken a back seat once again.

Trying my best to roll with it all!

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