Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Round these parts...

Little Man is getting so big! It's so much fun. And exhausting. He wants to be held 24/7. He got spoiled this past week with my mom and brother here. There was someone to hold him and entertain him all the time. He'll have to get used to his swing and the sling again:)

My brother youngest brother is now a head taller than me. He's only 15! Come on....Maybe I'm shrinking.

I took them to Wilmington to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher, and then we stopped and snapped some pictures on our way.
It was a great visit. We miss them a bunch already. It's good to have family around.

I've been so busy with stuff around here, and my family visiting, that I haven't been able to sew up some diapers like I've needed to for the little one. He's had a growth spurt and is almost out of all the diapers I've sewn him. I got lucky this morning and found someone in the area who had some PouPond cloth diapers for sale. 8 of them for $40. That's a steal of a deal! I'd be lucky to find two or three for that price. I'm not picky, so they are great. We picked them up this morning and so far they are great. I have 6 more coming in the mail soon that I ordered off ebay. Those were $25. The good thing is I made sure to get One Sizers this time so they should last till he's potty training. When you add up how much I'd be spending on disposables, that's a pretty good deal!
The rest of today I'm going to spend working on my chicken coop. I'm trying to get it together by Monday because there is a lady nearby who has a couple of laying hens that I'd like to pick up. Got to go do some measuring and cutting. Wish me luck with all that!


Susan said...

OMG your little one is adorable! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

The Mavys said...

Ditto - adorable! Chickens and cloth diapers. You're a real do-it-yourselfer, Celeste. Kudos!

pete said...

I love annie's look in the picture of us, goofy girl.