Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Only military wives...:)

Only in a town where husbands are gone often will you find massively pregnant women and those with newborns wandering the aisles of Walmart to entertain their children at dinner time on a weeknight.

I met with a lady last night to sell her Matthews newborn sized cloth diapers. She is a couple days past her due date and her husband is gone. We stood and shared birth stories, and diaper stories, and ever famous deployment stories. And we laughed at each other because when we saw one another both walking in with little ones and no husband to be seen, it was pretty obvious what was going on there! It was nice to commiserate for a while.

Sometimes us mommies get so caught up in our kids and things at home that even a simple conversation in the middle of Walmart can brighten your day. It's good stuff.

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