Friday, September 18, 2009

Thankfully it's Friday.

I'm just glad this week is over. It's just been one of those weeks.
Some random things to end this week....
Annie hates wearing her eye patches, but it's one of those necessary things. Those sticky ones were tearing up her face, though, and I had to find an alternative. So I made the alternative. The one above, I made yesterday for her. And this one below I just finished. Options are good. It even fits on my glasses *l* so a little bribery can be used if necessary. ("I'll wear a patch if you do too!")

She seems to be getting a lot of home-made hand made things lately. She's going through a growth spurt among other things. She was out of all of her pajamas so I made her these ones.
My brother pointed out that they look very Sound of Music-ish. I didn't really pick up on that until he mentioned it, but he's right:)
Around the little homestead...
I'm still waiting for my watermelon to ripen. Some sort of wild-life found the cantaloupe and ate off of them. Maybe next year we'll get a fence up around the garden to prevent that from happening.
Anyway...I'm hoping that this thing will ripen so I don't just have to throw it out. We'll see I guess.


Anonymous said...

I see nail polish on those little piggies!


Susan said...

First off, how freaking cute is she in those glasses! Second, what a great idea for the patches. They really do help, and pretty quickly, too.