Friday, September 25, 2009

Feeling generally out of it.

The kids won't stop touching me, and being generally full of bologna. The moments that they aren't testing my patience are few and far between. A lot of it has to be my being so tired and worn out all the time, I'm sure. Kevin is gone for a couple weeks again, to Indiana this time. With him gone I feel like I'm going to forget something vital--like paying an important bill or something like that. My memory is shot, and I keep writing things down and misplacing my lists.

Thankfully my brother is here to remind me of things, and play referee with the kids. I would have missed my prenatal appointment this morning if he hadn't woken me up after I lay back down for a minute after I showered and dressed. Ended up sleeping for a good 40 minutes rather than the 4 or 5 I planned on. Oops! Feeling really annoyed with my doctors office, so I wasn't really looking forward to going. I see a different doctor every time. I waited around for about an hour before I even saw the doctor and then it was for only a few minutes. I'm praying for a quick and easy delivery that requires little doctor involvement since I don't know who will even be there for the delivery.

Thank God this pregnancy has been fairly uneventful. May the remaining time pass quickly.

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