Friday, September 11, 2009

Another week down. Yay!

I'm exhausted. Bet ya didn't know huh? I've only been saying that everyday for the last month or so. I truly apologize. I try not to complain. Too much.

This week went by pretty smoothly. We got Anthony all signed up for Cub Scouts. He's pretty excited about that. The group is really active, which is really nice because he needs good friends and good male role models. The group leader is a cool guy. He has four or five boys and is very into Scouts and getting the boys to have fun, even at his own expense. It'll be especially good for Anthony once Kevin is gone on deployment. In other Anthony news, he's doing really well at school. Bored, I think, but excelling in everything he does. He's in the advanced reading group and gets all his spelling words correct on tests, etc. Not that the words are hard. He's way more advanced than what she is teaching. I think he's frustrated with how simple everything is. He tells me he spends a lot of time waiting around for other people to be quite so they can learn things. Fun. The other day he pointed out that he asked his teacher to teach him something, and she said she would...and then she didn't. The poor boy is having to get used to the fact that she doesn't have time for that with so many other kids in class.

Homeschooling is still very much on my mind...

In other news...
Annie had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist this week. She is going to be getting glasses, likely this upcoming week as they had to be sent out to be made. She has the Strabismus in her right eye that causes her to look cross eyed. Her vision in that eye is pretty bad and her glasses will be pretty thick. She has to wear a patch over her good eye for a couple hours every day to help the bad eye to readjust. Hopefully we haven't caught it too late, and the glasses and everything will help her to see better quickly.

It was pretty amazing that when we tried the correct prescription on her...her eyes automatically corrected themselves instantly. She was looking straight which she hasn't done in quite some time now. I almost cried, I was so happy for her!

With it being so apparent that something is off with her vision, I've noticed that other people notice something is a bit off. I never thought I'd have to feel defensive about something like that about my child. She has no control over it. No one is mean, they just look at her with that look, ya know. But her personality doesn't let them get away with it for long. She's so outgoing...she talks your ear off. About everything. She tells stories and is so sweet people get past her "funny eye" pretty quickly.

Anyway...after her glasses get here she'll have monthly visits at the ophtomologist to check her vision and see what the progress is, and frequent changes of prescriptions in her lenses as things change. She was so patient for the initial appointment-- 2 and a half hours long! Such a trooper.

I love my kids. They make me so proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh so pleased for Anthony that he is so advanced, he will learn patience.
And Annie! She will be so thrilled to find she can see what she didn't know she couldn't before, a whole new world.
Rub-a-tummy for me.


Susan said...

We have a similar eye situation going on with Glenn's boys, except that their mother chose to ignore it rather than get it fixed, so the boys are both pretty much blind in one eye, and they always look cross eyed. I'm betting that you caught it well in time, and she'll be all good to go with time.

Celeste said...

Poor guys! I hope you guys can get it taken care of. Tricare is great about covering the cost of the eye exam...but the glasses are totally on you. That's where it hits ya. We might order them online when she needs new frames.