Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's dark and gloomy out.

It's raining, and storming. And the water is right at the foot of the front porch. There's a good 4 or 5 inches there. I was debating going to the fabric store and the book store, but there's a ton of water! I made the mistake of leaving the car windows open last night and it poured inside the car. Thankfully I think most of it dried up before it started to pour again this afternoon. I'm hoping it doesn't mildew in there. That would be so nasty. Especially since I take it in on Friday for the repairs I mentioned a while back to be done. Fingers crossed. It's very green out, though. That's nice. If only it would stop raining and cool off a little.

In the mean time, I'm sewing up a storm of my own. Trying to add to the diaper supply before baby gets here. I've started a few that are the next size up from the newborn size. It's good to be prepared, right? And I just know the first thing on my mind once he's born is going to be sewing diapers! *insert sarcasm* I distinctly remember changing diapers, nursing and trying to sleep being just about all you do for the first couple months. It hasn't been THAT long since a baby was in the house. So anyway, these ones I've made are fleece. According to the diaper forum that I joined fleece is extremely good at wicking away moisture. Some of the ladies even claim that their kids go all night without needing a change. I don't know about that, but it sounds good to sleep deprived mommy doesn't it???

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