Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving right along!

Today my brother and I attempted to finish painting in the hallway. I want to hang up pictures and get rid of some boxes, but not before the wall was painted. It wasn't that big of a job, it was just the waiting that was a pain. This particular paint wanted to sag and collect in blobs everywhere so we had to keep going over it to get it smooth. And then go over it again to get rid of the stripes once it had dried. All that's left is along the very top of the wall near the ceiling where you couldn't get the roller to go.

Tomorrow I'll hang pictures.

Kevin is coming home tomorrow. It's been three weeks. Looking back on it now, it went pretty quickly. But I stayed pretty busy also. We worked outside on the garden a bunch, and have almost finished the first raised box. It just needs to be filled in with the dirt. It's been raining, though, so we've been waiting for it to dry out a bit. Or at least let up a little. I got about 50% of our room stripped of wallpaper. Tedious job. We broke down a bunch of boxes. Put up a pool. I hung Kevin's awards and such in the living room. The kitchen is mostly cleaned up.

My belly has sprouted a little bump. I started out this pregnancy overweight. So far I haven't gained anything. Last appointment I had lost a couple of pounds. Ok by me. I'll be sure to gain it back at the rate I'm eating, (every hour and at night too, those darn midnight tummy rumbles). I'd take a picture, but I'm too horrified by the last picture of myself I saw. My brother took one the other day when I was watching the kids swim. Think "marshmallow woman", with a summer hat on. Maybe I'll lose it all like I did with Annie. That would be awesome. I was 115 lbs before I was pregnant the last time. But I recall a woman asking Kevin when we went to donate blood if I was anorexic. So maybe I won't lose THAT much when all is said and done. A healthy 125 would be good though. For now I'll just make do with the extra padding. Maybe if I just maintain this weight I won't have to worry after? I don't know if that's possible.

What else have I done....Oh I made homemade yogurt, and granola, and bread, and almond milk. I sewed some diapers.

I think I'm trying to compensate for laying around in bed so much...

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What a good little momma!