Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Waiting...and more waiting.

We're all trying to be really patient with having to wait for the house to close. Not only are we having to wait, but the seller is having to wait as well. He can't move into his new house until the house here closes. It's mostly the banks fault. I guess they are just on their own little program, taking forever to do everything. Trust me, they've gotten an ear full from more than a few people over the last couple of weeks. We can't do too much complaining though given that we're almost getting %100 financing. Just wish they would hurry up!

The kids are doing great for being so cooped up. We spend time every day doing crafts and school work. Since Kevin is back at work we've been spending a lot of time inside. He's got the motorcycle, but a couple days this week it has rained, and this morning it was about 40 degrees. Forty degrees riding on a bike feels something like being hit by icicles at 50 miles an hour. It takes about an hour to get from where we're staying to his new office as well, so it's pretty miserable. I couldn't complain too much about him taking the car when I knew he'd be freezing, and possibly wet too.

Kevin got dropped into Force, which he is ecstatic about. Right now he's the Com Chief with his very own office. Woo hoo. I think he feels like it's all too good to be true :) He'll soon be going to jump school, and free-fall school, and dive school. Basically he's going to be gone a lot doing crazy fun things. He's supposed to go to Arizona soon. Hopefully we'll be in our home by then, otherwise I warned him that I'd be finding whoever I can to help me move into the house! Yeah, that doesn't sound like fun. But you do what you have to. So far as we know he'll deploy again at the beginning of next year...

Tomorrow if we get to keep the car, the kids and I will go check out the science museum downtown. The state has a passport program where they can earn a patch for getting stamps from six of the historical and educational museums and sites around the different counties. Unfortunately I didn't know that until after we had already visited two of them, but that just gives us a reason to go back and see them again! The kids love the Aquarium. I think we'll skip going back to the ship though. There are quite a few places to go see that were from the Confederacy, like plantation houses. There's also Elizabethtown. If Kevin isn't too busy this summer, we talked about going up to Washington D.C. to see the Constitution and all that stuff. I'd love to go to the museums in NY as well. I never thought I'd get a chance to do those things, but we're close enough that we could drive up there some weekend. It doesn't seem so far now that we've driven cross-country and know what that is like!

I have to come up with some sort of idea to make Easter nice for the kids. We can't really cook much here in the hotel. Maybe we'll find a nice restraunt to go have a nice meal at...Still need to get some sort of Easter baskets together for them, too. They've really been looking forward to Easter, and unfortunately some of the things I planned on doing with them (like special recipes) we haven't been able to do. It's still been good though with all the lessons they've done through Holy Heroes and praying the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary.

Going to put on my idea hat and come up with something.

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