Thursday, April 16, 2009

A visit to Fort Fisher and some found trip pictures.

Found some pictures from the trip out here.

It was interesting how you would drive for hours and then all of a sudden there is a random old building...

Only a mother would love a child after potty break 2,453 in the middle of the plains in New Mexico.
Anthony got to stop in Anthony for a quick picture. He looked at the sign and said "Everyone knows my name!"

This is what it looks like driving from California to North Carolina...
A week of poofy clouds, tumble weeds, and mountains everywhere except for where you are driving. Kevin mentioned driving back to California to visit during the summer. My answer involved some colorful language, but it came down to "hell no".


We got lucky with some beautiful weather today so Kevin was able to ride his bike, and we got to keep the car. The kids and I took a short little trip down the road to Fort Fisher which is on a sort of peninsula. The kids and I walked from one side to the other in under 10 minutes. That tells you how wide it is! The interesting part is that a battle was fought there...I'm still sort of wondering why anyone would fight over a piece of land that is only a couple miles long and not very wide. There's lots of sand. Maybe they really really wanted a beach house? :)

Anthony asked me if I would open this door for him. It goes into the mounds that they built to hide in and fight from. I told him no. But didn't share what else I was thinking...which was "People died in there...and they probably didn't get taken out. Hell no, I'm not opening that door!" Some things give me the creeps. Like places where violent things happened.
The kids had fun running around, especially after having been cooped up for so long.

We're back now, relaxing and watching Bedtime Stories. Kevin and Anthony watched it together and they both laughed. It's fun. Watch it!

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Looks like you had fun, love the blue sky. Kisses to all