Friday, April 24, 2009

Home sweet house!

So we're all moved in! Sorta. Everything is here. I just have to unpack. One thing at a time.

I just discovered my neighbors wireless connection...Haha. Hope he doesn't mind!

Kevin left for a little mountain excursion. We drove him in at about 1:15am, but didn't end up getting back till 4ish. He's always forgetting something:) So that left me sort of grouchy all day, but at least I got some things done. I have a week to get organized. Should be interesting. We don't really have that much. It's just trying to figure out what goes where. And waiting for him to come home to move the rest of the furniture around. Some of it is on the back patio, and I would move it in, but it's just too heavy for me. And I'm lazy too.

The kitchen is mostly unpacked. I got to make an actual meal today after making a run to the commissary. And Walmart. Walmart SuperCenters are amazing. We don't have those in California. I forgot how much cooking makes me feel better. My therapy.

I haven't quite figured out our next door neighbor yet. Not the internet one, but the one on the other side. She likes to come outside when we're moving things around. Nosey? Curious? I'll have to just walk over there one of these days and say hi so she'll stop peering over the fence...

Very tired. I'll share some more things soon!

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