Monday, March 09, 2009

Some cosmic joke or something...

We spent the weekend mostly hanging out around the house doing things that needed to be done, and trying to help Anthony get better. He was pretty unhappy about being sick and not getting to go to his friends birthday party on Saturday. I just wanted to make sure his stomach was ok, given that he still wouldn't eat much of anything. And he also had another bloody nose so....I wasn't about to just let him get up and go jumping around in one of those bouncy houses.

He complained enough though that we gave in on Sunday and decided to let him attend his other friends birthday at Chucky Cheese's. (Not only do I have bad childhood memories of being chased around by Chucky and friends, but it's a parents nightmare especially with a strong willed 3 year old who runs off while you're tying your shoes.) Everything was fine though. He still didn't eat much yesterday. Although he did eat his dinner because he knew Sunday is our dessert day during Lent and he wasn't going to miss out on that! Of course.

So this is his last week of school, and how did we start out our day?

Well, I'll tell you it included cleaning the carpet again.

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