Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday! It comes and goes so fast!

Another day of being mommy. Another day trying to tame the beasts. I mean, sweet children of mine:)

Anthony had a sleepover with his best friend last night. So Kevin and I decided to let him stay a bit longer for pizza and head out to Mass with Anneliese. The thinking was that perhaps she'd be a bit less dramatic about everything, and maybe even skip the whole tantrum/whining thing. But, alas, that is not the fate of the wild one. She must share her needs with all. Or at least voice her wants loud enough for the other 200 or so people to hear. I give up!

I was just happy to see the inside of the church for a few minutes. Usually, one of us just sits outside with her. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just giving in to her, but I much rather prefer the quiet of being outside and letting her run around. Listening to her whine in a place where everything echoes is just painful.

The upside....God knows my plight. Perhaps eventually I shall see mercy! :)

(I know. Dramatic.)


Peter said...

so how are the little beast um i mean sweet little children of yours

Anonymous said...

Annie bananie Drama Queen.