Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Still here!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I promise. With Anthony starting back in school and the move looming in the very near future, I've had my mind on things other than keeping everyone updated! Sorry!

The last couple of days I've spent cleaning up and cleaning out. I've gone through the kids toys and literally gotten rid of three quarters of what they had. It's amazing how much stuff two little people can accumulate. It's good and cleaned out now! It is amazing too how much they don't even miss it all, or even notice that it's gone. But they do notice that it's cleaner!

A lot of extra things have been accumulating around here too. I've cleaned out two boxes of extra, (and broken), things that have just been sitting in corners of closets. Lots of old clothing, broken part of things I'll never get around to fixing, and furniture we no longer need. It feel SO good!

The house shopping continues. We've found a couple of places that would do...but nothing we've seen that we're crazy over yet. The search continues.

Anthony and Anneliese have a very interesting relationship. She is the boss. And he whines about her bossiness. Now...I'm not saying that I am for siblings beating up on one another or treating one another disrespectfully. I do believe that it's from siblings that our children sometimes learn to stick up for themselves though. With Anthony it is this: "Well...you can go in the other room and lock the door and stay away from her. Or...when she pushes/hits/bites you, you can stick up for yourself." I'm wondering....what do you tell your children when they get to this point? I'd love to hear from you about how you handle this stage of their growth and development.


Susan said...

I'm bad, if one of the kids hits, the other gets one free shot. I have yet to have one of them use it, though. It usually only happens once, then the hitter sees what it feels like. They don't tend to do it again.

Celeste said...

I'd almost rather hear her crying because he smacked her back. He's twice her age and crying because she's picking on him! Kevin tells him, "Well smack her back! She'll keep doing it if you don't stop her..."