Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Zoo Excursion

I love going to the Zoo. Not only is it fun, but it's educational! We learn something new each time we go there because there's so much to see. We've seen a different show each time as well, so we get to learn even more from the animals trainers, and the people who care for the plants. I guess it's super exciting for me because I can remember being in 7th grade, sitting in my science class and being bored out of my mind. There was nothing to look at. I remember sitting there looking as black and white pictures in a ten year old book and thinking that it was just boring. I wanted to see what it was all about. I wanted to see the animals we were studying, and hear what kinds of noises they made. Going to the Zoo is awesome because we get to do just those things.

(And have some fun too. Later in the car on the way home Anthony was worrying that his neighborhood friends would make fun of his face painting. "Who cares," I told him. "As long as you like it, that's all that matters." Why does the peer-pressure have to start so early?)

We got lucky with the Koala's this time around because they were awake for once! They sleep like 20 hours out of the day. Really, they are boring to look at! LOL. But today they were awake, and the momma koala let us see her baby! Did you know that a Koala has a pouch that opens on the bottom? It's so the baby can climb up in easier.

It seemed like an especially good day to be there, despite the crowds. All the animals were out and about. We saw a lot of the birds that we haven't seen before. And heard a lot of their calls. Some of them were so brilliantly colored! You see colors in National Geographic or on the computer and think that there is now way something could be that awesomely colored. But they truly are beautiful! The pictures do them little justice.

We spent some time at the Koi pond watching them jump up out of the water. These foot long fish just swishing their tales so that they stood straight up. It was so cool. And all the turtles swimming around. Anthony was trying to count them all, but I think he counted a few of them more than once.

I love that the world can be our classroom. It makes life and learning so much more enjoyable.

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Awesome face paint!