Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aiming to Keep it Simple.

It's really hard sometimes to just go about life and enjoy simple things. Or rather to avoid the busy, loud, annoying things that are part of life now (ie video games, malls, the rat-race) and get back to what is simple and true.

I've been aiming to get some of those things out of the "house" when I can so we can enjoy simple life. (Especially hard when a new tv comes in! But not entirely undo-able!)

Anthony came home from Sea World with Kevin and needed to just spend some time indoors being quiet. He doesn't realize it, but he's much happier once he has taken some time to "chill" by spending some quiet time indoors. And he discovers he loves doing things like crafts and cooking. He's my little chef.

And I'm finding out that Annie likes to do things with a "Montessori" type theme to them. She loves being busy and doing something that is "grownup".

She spent about 4 hours playing "tea party", with real water!

This little guy I found yesterday when Annie and I went out goodie-shopping. She loves to shop. But the funny thing is she'll go around grabbing things that she thinks she wants and then put them all back before it's time for us to leave. It's sort of like a treasure hunt. (Fun for me too!)

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