Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Post Thanksgiving and Beginning Advent

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice time with my family. The trip up to NorCal was a killer 14 hours in the car. But we survived! And made it home again in one piece. All limbs intact.

Anthony celebrated his 6th birthday on the 26th. He had a blast! Grammy had a birthday cake and decorations waiting for him in our hotel room and everything. He just thought it was the greatest birthday ever. (Which is good since he spent most of it in the car!)

So it's the beginning of Advent already! Wowie! This year I'm sort of making a big deal out of Advent for my kids because they are now at the age where commercialism is really taking it's toll on the whole Holiday season. We're aiming for each of them to get only three presents this year. There's a reason behind that! I'm being sneaky and putting symbolism into everything. I want them to know the reason we're celebrating, and not that the gifts are the "biggest thing since sliced bread". We started Advent with blessing our wreath and are continuing each day with opening a door on the Advent calendar. I also joined the Advent Adventure on HolyHeroes.com which has great daily activities for them to do and pictures to color.

Today we're going to start making the Jesse Tree. You can download the Jesse Tree ornaments at http://www.eriercd.org/jessetree.htm for the kids to cut out and put on the tree.

We were aiming to give up desserts for Advent, but daddy sorta ruined that idea when he broke out the ice cream for dessert last night:) Maybe we'll try for once a week or something.


Just thought I'd share these pretty flowers with you. Can you believe my rose bush and lavender are still blooming in December? It's amazing.

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