Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around my little world.

I've missed playing the piano a lot over the last few years. I took classes all through my time at Santa Rosa Junior College and loved it. I miss singing too. But it's easier to bring a piano into our home than try to go out and add another event to our already busy days. Going to choir practice would be too much. So we purchased a key board so I can start playing again. Right now though I have to put up with not getting to touch it because Annie has taken it over. Once she gets bored I'll get to use it!

I also picked up a couple of little canvases yesterday from Michael's. I don't really have much experience painting on canvas. But I want to make some of my illustrations more permanent, so we're going to try it out.

I especially want to transfer these two illustrations so that I can hang them up. I'm pretty fond of them.

Kevin finally finished and passed his motorcycle course one Sunday. Now he's just waiting on his paper work to get here, and the tags for the bike. Then he can zoom off into the sunset!
(Little Boy not included!)

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